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  Our ability to provide quality solutions to our clients depends on our consultants' abilities to think creatively and to utilize the best of today's technologies.  
  That's why we strive to identify, recruit and develop the talent that continues to elevate our company and industry. We seek smart and motivated individuals who share our passion for technology, for improving businesses, and for fun.  
  We value creativity, imagination and innovation.  
  Thus, we value our peoples' ability to think visually and creatively, to keep us on the cutting edge.  
  We value a dynamic and entrepreneurial work environment.  
  This keeps our people constantly challenged and excited. We encourage our people to become highly involved with the things that we do.  
  We value teamwork.  
  It doesn't matter how talented a person is, he or she can never do it all on his or her own. It takes a unified body of great people to do great things. A group of highly talented individuals may have great individual skills and talents, but our company performs to its maximum potential because our people work together effectively.  
  We value friendship, laughter and fun.  
  Software Foundry is made up of smart, hardworking people, but we understand that there's more to life than just work. We value the things that are truly important in life, like friendships, laughter and fun.  
  Join our Team.  
  If you are interested in a career with Software Foundry, please email your resume to careers@softwarefoundry.ca  

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